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The Sussex Dental Group are a provider of quality dental care to residents throughout East and West Sussex.

We have supported the Sussex Dental Group since they were the Portslade Dental Centre, Old Village Dental Centre and Broadfield Dental Centre.

We helped the move to the Sussex Dental Group through research into domain names and SEO. Once the group name had been chosen we set about registering the domain names required for the newly named group.

We were then tasked with designing and developing their new website, that was to encompass all three practices under their new group name. The site was optimised for local search due to their specific catchment area.

We chose to build the site on WordPress to allow each of the practices access to the CMS, ensuring the site could evolve as quickly as the surgeries themselves were.

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“I used Pixxels to design the website when we rebranded our dental business a few years ago. The website not only looks and feels great, but has helped to drive business to our dental practice integrating smoothly with our online booking service. With the efficient support provided by Pixxels, we are able to run promotions and marketing campaigns almost overnight. Being competitive in the online/social media age requires a website design and support service that can make the difference. Pixxels have been that for us”

Emmanuel Lazanankis,
Sussex Dental Group