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Jasper Morris has spent 35 years working with Burgundy and the Burgundians. We, however, had not and to say it was a steep learning curve would be an understatement.

Burgundy wines; their producers, vineyards and villages are a law unto themselves. Trying to find a logical hierarchy for these wines proved near impossible. We found that flexibility was the best policy allowing Jasper and his team to move outside the clear boundaries of what generally is the building blocks of any content heavy website, giving them carte blanche on the tasting reports section that contains over 40 years worth of notes on tastings of Burgundy wines past and present.

With such a wealth of intellectual property, it was necessary to ensure the website was secure and has a suitable paywall between user and content to allow for an annual subscription charge to be taken for access. We were also asked to ensure that users could not copy and paste the content as they saw fit and so the website content had to be completely locked down to keep would be plagiarists at bay.

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“When we wanted to launch our site, Jasper Morris Inside Burgundy, we contacted wine industry professionals – and kept getting the answer “Don’t Use Who We Used” – and then at last, a positive reply: “Pixxels is the one to use” – so we did and are delighted with the result.”

“A smart site, well maintained with rapid response times to any potential issues from the Pixxels team.”

Jasper Morris, founder.